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General Questions

Is this an Microsoft Office add-on? What it means?
Microsoft Office is extendable. You can add new features to it - like this one.

Is it easy to install?
Yes. It's packed with a standard installer, so you can install it in huge IT infrastructures too.

Okay, so I have installed this add-on. What's next?
You have two options, without or with the fingerprint database.

What is Document Fingerprint Database?
This is a webapplication with a database on your server. The database containts every classification with the following schema: who, when, which file, which classification, fingerprint.

What is this document "fingerprint"? Is this like a real fingerprint?
Yes. It's like a unique identifyer without any confidential data. For more about fingerprinting please see the Privacy section.


Data privacy is high priority for my company. Sends this add-on anything to you or third-parties?
With one word: no. This add-on works locally inside Office. If you install the Document Fingerprint Database for document fingerprint then the add-on send data only to this backend, inside your company infrastructure.

Is fingerprinting safe?
Yes. A fingerprint - basicly, a hash for a file - is nothing more just a unique identity. If the document is the same, the fingerprint is the same. When the document changes, the fingerprint changes. In this way it's really easy to compare two documents or justify that a document classified and untouched.

Customization, special requirements

Is it customizable? I like this add-on but I would like to change it a bit.
With one word: yes. Our development team is open for changes and is happy to help you to fit your needs.

Technical Questions

Please tell use more about the used technology.
Our add-in developed in .NET/C# by Microsoft, the backend runs on NodeJS (preferred) or Microsoft ASP.NET MVC. Both technology is world-leading and works great on both sides: in Microsoft Office the .NET/C# programs are native, robust and user friendly. On the backend side NodeJS is a scalable, high-performance but easily installable server platform, used by companies like General Electric, GoDaddy, LinkedIn or Palm/HP.

What is a hash?
A hashing is - citated from Wikipedia - "a function that can be used to map data of arbitrary size to data of fixed size". For more information please refer to Wikipedia.




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